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About the Artist


Victoria "Tori" Cherry is an artist based in Chesapeake and Charlottesville, Virginia. She is currently a third-year student studying Studio Art and Cognitive Science at the University of Virginia. As of Spring 2019, she has become a Miller Arts Scholar at the university. Her love for art has existed since she was a child, and has continued to grow since becoming a student. Cherry hopes to use her desire to create and interest in the human mind to become an art therapist in the future. 

artist statement

I find the most beauty in mundane subjects that go unnoticed or are taken for granted. I am particularly interested in the personal connection and significance that such items hold for different individuals. In my work, I try to capture those seemingly boring things in a way that the viewer can appreciate its beauty in the way that I do. I love exploring several mediums such as  gouache, watercolor, acrylic, and graphite as I believe that they provide valuable insight into different approaches to art making. I have also done some printmaking (intaglio) and have recently started exploring digital art.